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    If you love bikinis but want to get rid of some of those tan lines on your shoulders, bandeau bikini tops are the solution. These strapless tops allow the wearer to get even sun across the shoulders. The downside, however, is that because of the lack of straps, these tops have no support whatsoever. If you have a naturally large bust, this means having to stick with bikini tops that have straps, if you have a small chest or are cosmetically enhanced, you generally don’t need straps to hold things up.

    Some bandeau bikini tops are very simple in design with just a band of fabric tied around the chest. Others have a sweetheart neckline with some gathering at the center to help enhance your assets. Designers have been making bandeaus with convertible halter straps allowing the wearer to wear the top one of two ways. Most recently, the trend in bandeaus has introduce a single-shoulder bandeau top. With the fashion world awash in single-shoulder tops and dresses, it’s inevitable the trend would emerge in the world of swimwear as well.

    Strapless Swimwear

    If you like to show off your shoulders, avoid getting tan lines by wearing a bathing suit that’s sans straps. While they allow you to get an even tan across your decollete, the trade off is that you have to sacrifice support. If you’re busty, this can be a no-go option, but for women with smaller chests, this is a non-issue. Strapless swimwear styles are available in bikinis, one-piece suits or in the trendy monokini style as well.

    Fashion Bikini

    Keep up with trends by wearing a fashion bikini. These popular bikini styles and looks help separate what’s hot from what’s not. This year, popular swimwear trends include the monokini, the one shoulder bandeau and embellishments of all kinds. The monokini is a style that’s somewhere between a bikini and a one-piece. The one shoulder bandeau allows the wearer to look stylish in the usually-strapless look but with the comfort of added support. Lastly, every girl likes a little sparkle and shine, and the same holds true for bikinis. Whether its stones, bamboo, sequins, appliques, fringe, ruffles or beading, having some eye-catching details on a suit helps to turn heads.

    Halter Bikini Top

    For women with larger assets on top, a bikini top with a moderate amount of support is certainly desired. When it comes to bikinis, the halter top is the best option. Short of being a sports bra, the halter bikini top provides ample coverage, comfort and support for ladies with larger busts. They’re look similar to triangle tops but are designed using more fabric. In this top, you’ll be able to be as active as you like while you’re playing at the beach.

    Brazilian String Bikinis

    Most bikini bottoms have full coverage in both the front and back, but Brazilian string bikinis don’t follow that norm. String bikinis are obvious because of the string ties that make up the sides. What makes it Brazilian is the amount of coverage in the back, or lack thereof. The backs of Brazilian string bikinis has noticeably less coverage than most bottoms. The sides of the back have been taken in allowing for more skin to peek out the sides. If you want to show off more skin at the beach, wearing a Brazilian string bikini is a great option to wear, and a surefire way to get noticed.